Welcome to Maverick's 1.16 Mod Log...

April 4, 2009
-Build 907-911: Added more functionality to the lockteams commands.  As always, locking a team will lock that team for the duration of (the warmup and) the game.  If you lock it again, the team will be persistently locked and will be locked until either it is unlocked or the number of people on the team at the start of a game is 0, which will cause it to unlock automatically.

February 25, 2009
-Build 902-906: Worked on some promode physics things to figure out the differences between what NoGhost has and what cpma has in bg_pmove.c

February 22, 2009
-Build 901: Patched a vulnerability in g_cmds which could allow a specially crafted vote to exploit the server.

February 21, 2009
-Made g_promode not require a server restart in g_main
-Made the accuracy counters in g_main remain persistent across team changes, much like team and score are remembered.
-Build 895-900: Implemented the above

January 14,2009
-Edited g_freeze and made the unready command unavailable after the warmup has been triggered.

Jaunary 8, 2009
-Build 894: Changed the /ready and /unready commands in g_freeze to issue their console messages through the G_SendServerCommand floodprotected function in g_misc, rather than letting them directly call trap_SendServerCommand.

January 7, 2009
-Added in the unready command, which is the effective opposite of the ready command.  Edited g_freeze and g_cmd
-Edited the ready and unready command so the "ready" words appear or disappear on the scoreboard when someone signals as such.
-Edited g_muckleball to handle the ready markers on the scoreboard.  This should have been done a long time ago, but it must have been forgotten.
-Build 891-893: implemented the above.

January 6, 2009
-Build 889-890: Added some cosmetic and information responses into the /ready command.  It now reports to everyone you are ready, as well as restricts only using it during a warmup.

January 3, 2009
-Fixed a file loading bug when the banfile was too big.  Forgot to initialize the end-of-file marker to qfalse.  Oops.
-Fixed the bug where a freezetag game would fail to continue at the end of a point if g_referee was set to 2 and someone did a /setref during that point.
-Build 888: implemented the above

August 28, 2008
-Build 878: forgot to reset the enterTime in g_client to level.time to remember player's times between team moves
-Build 879: redid some other timeing functions in g_cmds to handle time/score persistance.
-Put in a slightly different fix in g_referee to patch a hideref exploit.
-Added some code to ai_freeze to handle some bot player melting.
-Build 880: implemented the above.

August 27, 2008
-Adjusted the g_suddendeath codes to fudge by 2 seconds, since the client plays the sudden death sound when time > timelimit+2.  Edited g_main.
-Fixed g_freezetag_startFrozen to only affect players who aren't in warmup and when the game has been going for at least 1 minute.  Edited g_main.
-Edited g_main to make time stay between team changes, in addition to points.
-Build 877: implemented the above

August 25, 2008
-Made a fix to unlagged to fix a skippy corpsicle bug
-Removed some unused items in the compiling process which should alleviate some memory space issues
-Made a condition statement in g_main to verify that timelimit is actually set before trying to adjust it with g_suddendeath_time
-Made a fix to g_freezetag_startFrozen in g_client to only work during a real game, not a warmup.
-Build 873: Implemented the above.

August 24, 2008
-Build 868: Code cleanup and release
-Lots of changes were made over the past year(?) that I failed to document, sorry about that.  I worked with a lot of people to implement lots of things so technically if everyone got together and contributed what they helped test we should know exactly what was changed.  Heh.

August 20, 2008
-Trying to get around the cvar_update bug that was reported 

July 6, 2008
-Moved the wins/losses to the left side of the scoreboard column, and redid the ready mask on the scoreboard as well

June 26, 2008
-Fixed the longstanding bug where if a server's maps were changed in rapid succession the authenticateClient codes would incorrectly identify some people as not having the NoGhost client mod and put them in spectator.  Fixed in g_active.

May 23, 2007
-Added in the g_anticamper_action = 0 where the anticamper doesn't do anything in g_active
-Added in g_antiCamper_scorepenalty where if you camp too long you lose g_anticamper_scorepenalty points every second you camp in g_active.
-Made scores persistant across team changes in g_client.

May 14, 2007
-Redid some calculations that occur in the g_floodprotect spam controller.  Should work better now.  It'll allow the first bit of spam to get through, then cut the rest off.

May 13, 2007
-Removed some debugging codes from bg_pmove which should make things more affective.
-Redid some of the auth codes to handle the different message given to a client who doesn't have the client as compared to one with it, but an out of date one.  Edited g_client, g_active, g_auth, and g_cmds.
-Fixed the anticamper bug/feature where a melter could still be considered a camper in freezetag.  Fixed it in g_active.
-Made a printing fix to /playerlist and /serverstatus so that player's colored names don't misalign everything.  Fixed it in g_svcmds and g_cmds.
-Made a fix in g_freeze and g_cmds to handle players not automelting during a timeout.
-Fixed the bug where you could call a timein multiple times in g_cmds.
-Build 768: implemented the above

May 12, 2007
-Build 763: Commented out (for now) the scoreboard changes in g_cmds until the client mod is ready.

May 11, 2007
-Finally fixed the bug in g_main by moving around a few of the memory functions.
-Build 762: released.

May 3, 2007
-Trying to fix a lame promode bug.

March 22, 2007
-Finished the ready mask fix from yesterday.  Tested it and it looked good.  The true effects of this won't be seen until the client mod handles it, but 
-Found a spot in g_cmds where I forgot to implement g_muted_message.  Fixed.
-Added in g_floodprotect (defaults to 1) to protect clients from server message spam.  Mainly an anti-lamer fix.  Changed g_freeze, g_local, g_misc, g_client, g_cmds, g_combat, g_main, g_utils, and g_svcmds.
-Changed the default of g_linking to be 1.

March 21, 2007
-Possibly made a fix to some players not showing up with the right ready mask on the scoreboard in g_main, g_freeze, and bg_public.

March 20, 2007
-By request, changed g_main and g_cmds to allow doready codes to work with teamplay (g_gametype > 2) even when LMS and FreezeTag were not on.
-Added g_timeout_roundTimeout into g_cmds, g_local, g_main, and g_freezetag/g_lastmanstanding.  This is the maximum time (in seconds) into a freezetag or lastmanstanding round a timeout can be called.  For instance, if g_timeout_roundTime is set to 5 and the round starts at time=0, you'll have until time=5 to call a timeout.  After that you have to wait until the next round.
-Made it so that when a person unpauses the game all players are teleported.  Edited g_svcmds.
-Made a 'gong' sound occur when a timein in called.  Edited g_cmds.

March 19, 2007
-Fixed the timein bug where you could continue to call /timein to reset the timein counter in g_local and g_cmds.
-Modified the timeout and timein codes in g_cmds to not allow a player to melt during a timeout.  The frozen player's frozen time is now stored.
-Timeout shots are now no longer counter during a timeout.  Modified g_missile and g_weapon.
-Added in timeout settings (g_timeout_roundTimeout) where a timeout can only occur during the first g_timeout_roundTimeout number of seconds of the current point/round.  Modified g_cmds and g_freeze and g_lastmanstanding.
-Variablized (g_timeout_timeinDelay) the amount of time you have between the timein being called and the timeout finishing.
-Removed g_antibot_CIDCount since it wasn't required with some new codes.

March 18, 2007
-Changed the way g_authenticateClient handles some of the incoming data from the client in g_auth.
-Added g_authenticateClient_strict in g_local and g_main and g_auth.  This handles how the client deals with variables that need to be top/bottom capped.  This defaults to on.
-Added g_authenticateClient_versionLimiter to g_auth, g_main, and g_local.  Now a server operator can control the minimum version of the client mod required to join a server.  (I think this was added a while ago, but never documented)
-Added g_antiBot_CIDCount along with the g_antiBot_CID## set of variables into g_main, g_local (also edited g_active to handle this extension).
-Added handlers for the client mod's cg_delag_server so a player can opt out of cg_delag and not have to opt out of the server's delag.  This technically replaces g_delag 5, but I guess I'll leave it in for a little longer.

March 10, 2007
-POC'ed some new ideas.

March 6, 2007
-Found a bug in the way g_delag 2 extrapolates when frames are lost/not received from the client in g_active.
	-I believe in the above edit that the frames extrapolated can actually be higher than the current amount.  3 should be safe.
-Made a fix to id software's stock thinking functions in g_main which was causing some frames to be skipped.

November (?) 2006
-Worked on some encryption codes.

October 26, 2006
-Fixed a player_free bug in g_cmds with timeouts.

September 10, 2006
-Had a dream about memory corruption causing a crash in g_active.  Woke up this morning and fixed it.  Insomnia has its benefits.
-Code audits: changed some memory management functions in g_cmds, g_freeze, g_lastmanstanding, g_client, g_items, g_banfile
-Fixed a grammar mistake in g_cmds.  Heh, oops.
-Made it so that if a referee changes a map the map rotation won't get screwed up in g_cmds.

September 9, 2006
-Added in snaps, maxpackets, maxfps, and timenudge to the /playerlist output in g_cmds.  These won't fully be utilized unless the client side mod is used

August 12, 2006
-Fixed an issue where if railgun splash was turned on other splashes wouldn't occur right in g_combat
-Made it so that antibot's on/off status will print to the cgame screen on connect.
-Changed the default value of g_antiBot_gamesBanned to -1 in g_main

July 5, 2006
-Worked a little bit with a client mod version limiter in g_cmds.  This should allow the server to 'force' players to use a certain version of the NoGhost client mod.

July 1, 2006
-Added in some color processing functions into bg_misc
-Added the ability to drop a flag using the /drop command in g_freeze and in g_cmds. 

June 30, 2006
-Fixed a small inconsistency in g_client where a variable wasn't defined quite right.

May 24, 2006
-Build 706: Found and fixed a com_sprint overflow issue in g_cmds relating to longer names.

April 2, 2006
-Worked on g_duplicateIPBlock to prevent people from connecting to the server with the same IP address.  This should address people flooding servers.  Edit g_local, g_client, and g_main.
-Also made a block to spammers who repeatedly change their names.  This will no longer flood people's screens.  Edited g_client.
-Build 704-705: Implemented the above.

March 31, 2006
-Build 703: Made a small change to the authorization functions in g_active and g_client to delay auth for a few seconds on connect (this will prevent a bug where the client wasn't responding at certain times).
-Made a possible fix to g_freeze which should prevent people from getting stuck to players once they get frozen.  Will need more feedback about this to make sure I fixed what people were seeing.
-Edited the g_antiBot scoring system.
-Made a fix to g_session to fix the issue where a frozen person spectating another player in the game wouldn't spawn in correctly if the game was restarted.  Originally edited g_main and g_active for testing, then undid those changes.
-Build 701-702: Implemented the above.

March 30, 2006
-Edited g_items to fix a problem where a frozen player spectating a person getting a powerup would get an anti-reward

March 29, 2006
-Changed the set_spectator function in g_freeze to unlink at a different time.

March 28, 2006
-Build 700: Fixed a small gravity bug in g_freeze when bodies are affected by triggers.

March 27, 2006
-Finally got dead melted bodies to behave as they should in g_freeze.
-Backward compatibility warning: Removed g_noPlayerClip and made it dmflags 4096.  Edited g_active, g_main, and g_local.
-Edited some of the authorization functions again.
-Build 697-699: Implemented the above

March 26, 2006
-Fixed a bug in g_combat where items were being dropped while people were in intermission.
-Fixed a bug with the code I wrote yesterday where I was using a deprecated timing variable.  Oops.
-Edited g_main and g_teamtourney to change the way new spectators are brought into the game.
-Changed the authorization functions and g_session to change the way session and persistant variables are used.

March 25, 2006
-Changed g_cmds, g_local, g_active, and g_client for an authorization change.

March 24, 2006
-Set g_delag_connectionicon to be 0 by default, instead of 1 in g_main.
-Redid some of the world effects algorithms in g_freeze.
-Fixed the bug where frozen bodies, once unfrozen, would fall normally to the ground, rather than staying in the air.  Edited g_freeze.
-Made it so that frozen bodies will react a little more lifelike when acted upon by jumppads in g_freeze.
-Unsuccessfully worked on a fix to make it so that the origin of flying bodies isn't reset when shot in g_freeze.
-Build 695-696: Implemented the above.
-Removed g_camera from the codebase, since I don't really want to repair it or deal with it.  I don't think many people use it anyway.

March 23, 2006
-Adjusted the physicsBounce on frozen bodies in g_freeze (and made dead bodies not bouncy).
-Changed the call to set_client in g_freeze to not force a client follow after the body is freed (so it allows free-floating after being melted)
-Removed the TR_STATIONARY check for body world effects in g_freeze.
-Fixed bug in g_cmds where the team unbalance message could appear on the wrong screens.
-Made a small change to g_linking that was causing a prediction error in g_active.
-Experimented with some body think functions in g_item.  Wound up ditching them in the end.
-Undid the interpolate change I made yesterday.
-Build 694: Implemented the above.

-March 22, 2006
-Changed the frozen bodies to tr_interpolate instead of tr_gravity in g_freeze.
-Edited g_antibot in g_active for g_antibot logging but no kicking.  Set g_antibot to 2 for this.

March 3, 2006
-Build 693: Upped the limit of the banfile from 32K to 64K.  Had to do some tricks in g_banfile to get this working; good learning experience though.

March 1, 2006
-Build 692: Attempted fix on the \follow bug in g_cmds and the g_gamemod_followTeamOnly but (where you could spectate a person who shoots your body) in g_freeze.

February 7, 2006
-Build 691b : Fixed the weapon reloading bug and a few servers are testing it out.  Made the fix in g_active.

February 5, 2006
-Build 691: I found the bug in the gauntlet portion of bg_pmove and changed things around enough so that it should work.  Had to move to the weaponTime up a bit.  Thanks to FraQQ and speud for letting me know about this.  Edited g_weapon (although later undid those changes), and bg_pmove.
	-More work with the followTeamOnly implementation.  I had to make it sure that when you get melted you automatically spawn right away for things to work quite right.  It doesn't seem too bad though.

February 4, 2006
-Build 689-690: Working on making the g_gameMod_followTeamOnly work better with the StopFollowing function in g_cmds, g_client, g_active, and g_freeze.
	-Added in g_linking into g_active, g_local, and g_main.  I think I should really set this to 1 by default, since it makes things more accurate.
February 3, 2006
-Build 688: Unlatched g_gameMod_followTeamOnly in g_main.
	-Edited g_cmds to make g_teamForceBalance a litle more friendly as well as made it so that no spectators can occur.
	-Set g_delag_smoothClients to default to 0 instead of 1.
	-Made an edit to bg_pmove to make it so that the gauntlet isn't as based on the weaponTime.

January 29, 2006
-Edited g_main, g_freeze, g_lastmanstanding, and g_local to add g_*_spawmCamped_otherPlayers which should allow a person killed by a newly spawned person to respawn fast.
-Adjusted g_cmds to make the spread allowed by g_teamForceBalance an option.

January 25, 2006
-Edited g_active and g_cmds to fix a bug in g_gameMod_followTeamOnly.

January 17, 2005
-Made g_gameMod_followTeamOnly a latched variable so it'll require a map restart before it takes affect

January 22, 2006
-Build 684-685: Edited g_weapon, g_active, bg_public, bg_pmove, q_shared, and g_local to fix the weapon reload big that I created a little while ago.
-Build 686-687: Edited g_main to make players_red, players_blue, score_red, and score_blue appear in the serverinfo.

January 17, 2005
-Build 683: Trying to followup more with the g_weaponswitchtime variable in bg_pmove.  Removed some debugging information from bg_pmove.
	-Antibot editing.
	-Edited g_cmd to prevent someone frozen from being able to free float as a spectator when g_gamemod_followTeamOnly was on.

January 16, 2006
-Build 682: Fixed a bug that was created when I moved some of the variables around in bg_public.  Edited bg_pmove, g_local, g_weapon, g_active, and bg_public.

January 13, 2006
-Build 681: Edited g_calcstats to make team scores appear in /stats.

January 9, 2006
-Edited g_lastmanstanding to make it so that the scoring sound is a variable.  Don't know why I didn't do this before.
-Also edited g_lastmanstanding to make it so that regardless of a spamcamper getting a point or not, a person spawmcamped should respawn automatically.

January 8, 2006
-Added g_timeout_teamReset to g_main, g_cmds, and g_local to control whethern or not a team is reset (unmelted) when a timeout is called.

January 7, 2006
-Edited g_cmds to prevent an exploit where a player could skip people in the spectator queue.
-Edited g_bot and g_session to prevent bots from entering spectators during teamtourney.
-Edited g_active to not rename scoreboard spectators 'scoreboard'.  They'll now keep their names.
-Edited g_antibot and g_cmds to fix an admin.log logging error where IP addresses weren't printed for cheat suspicion level increases.
-More work in g_main and g_teamtourney to make spawning people in a little better after the round finishes.
-Build 678-680: Implemented the above.

January 6, 2006
-Added the timein command into g_cmds.
-Edited the timeout timers in g_freeze to not interfere with readyCheck.
-By request, made the default 1.7 second mandatory delay between when you die and when you respawn a variable, g_respawnDelay.  Edited g_lastmanstanding, g_freeze, and g_combat.

January 5, 2006
-Played around with SYSTEMINFO versus SERVERINFO variables in g_main.	

January 4, 2005
-Rewrote some of the code in bg_pmove, ai_dmq3, ai_dmnet, ai_main, g_banfile, g_freeze, g_svcmds, g_lastmanstanding, g_client, and g_active for compiling reasons.

January 3, 2006
-Build 677: Edited g_client, g_cmds, g_main, and g_local for g_gameMod_followTeamOnly to force players to only be able to follow their own teammates.

December 28, 2005
-Build 675-676: Played around with some more authentication functions.

December 21, 2005
-Build 674: Made delag on by default on g_client

December 19, 2005
-Thought about my edits to g_bot last night and redid a few things, but I'm not entirely confident I've tackled all situations.
-Edited bg_misc for the authentication functions.
-Edited g_cmds, g_active, and g_clients for some test authentication functions.

December 18, 2005
-Edited g_bot to make bots not load when they're final destination is on the spectators.
-Edited g_teamtourney to only give points to the winners, rather than everyone not on the winning team (like spectators)

December 15, 2005
-Reinstated g_smoothclients in g_active, g_main, and g_local but instead set its default value to 1 instead of 0.
-Edited g_client and g_unlagged_ver2 to allow an admin to allow clients more freedom as far as g_delag 2 goes.
-Build 672-673: Implemented the above.

December 14, 2005
-Build 670: Fixed a bug introduced when I was trying to reduce the overall surface of NoGhost in g_main's variables.  Another Oops.
-Build 671: Made some changed to g_active and g_client to allow a scoreboarded client to not have their name changed and be able to receive server snapshots.

December 13, 2005
-Build 669: Just testing out some preliminary features and making sure prediction is working correctly.

December 12, 2005
-Moved some more functions around from g_weapon to q_shared.

December 11, 2005
-Redid a majority of the bg_* functions since they were causing some weird prediction and network incompatibilities.  Oops.

December 10, 2005
-Working on moving some functions around for compatibility reasons.

December 8, 2005
-Antibot editing.

November 28, 2005
-Build 668: Edited g_bot to disable bots adding into the game if they are destined to be made spectators.
	-Added win/loss tracking for tournaments in g_calcstats
	-Made a fix in g_main to prevent people rotating to spectators in g_teamtourney mode when there wasn't anyone in the spectators to cycle in as replacements.

November 28, 2005
-Build 667: Small change to g_clients to restrict people to being able to vote once per vote.

November 22, 2005
-Small change to g_cmds which I think was allowing people to enter a game when they shouldn't be able to when teamTourney is on.

October 20, 2005
-Build 659-666: Redid portions of the g_calcstats code to format the names better even when there are colors present.  This should fix the lingering problems I've seen.

October 11, 2005
-g_antiBot update.

September 20, 2005
-Build 658: By request, changed the lower limit of pmove_msec to be 3 instead of 8 in g_active.
	-Added a possible fix in to prevent some erroneous log file entries being added to the banfile and admin.log when someone is being kicked.  I think this comes from a person disconnecting at _just_ the right time.

September 19, 2005
-Found a bug in g_client that was causing the ip to not print out correctly in the admin.log when an invalid password was passed to the server.

August 16-22, 2005
-Build 651-657: Continued work on the TDM/CTF tournament.  Files changed/edit/added: bg_misc, g_items, bg_public, g_spawn, g_session, g_local, g_cmds, g_team, g_combat, g_main, and g_teamtourney
	-Completely abandoned making the teams work with 1v1, and instead and going to work on making the tournament style of play work with teams.  I think it'll be easier this way.

August 15, 2005
-Started working on the TDM/CTF tournament.  Looks good so far.
-Try to make teams work with the 1v1 setup.

August 12, 2005
-Build 650: Fixed a small timing bug in g_banner.

August 10, 2005
-Build 649: Worked on a different implementation of pmove that won't show the problems that the current pmove_fixed does, like dropped frames.

August 8, 2005
-Build 648: (Re)Backported in the pmove/frame independant codes from 1.32 into 1.16.  Edited g_local, g_main, bg_public, bp_pmove, and g_active.

July 28, 2005
-Build 647: Made the upper file size limit for the banfile 32K.  Incresed it from 16K.  Changed g_local.

July 26, 2005
-Build 646: Edited some stuff in g_antibot for better checking of cracked clients.

July 23, 2005
-Build 645: Edited g_local and g_main to rename the g_votePassingValue to g_allowVote_passingValue.
-Build 643-644: Finished up the codes in g_active to get the flag to return automatically when g_ctf_returnFlag is turned on.
	-Edited g_cmds, g_freeze, g_main, and g_local to change the value and implementation of g_teamname_red and g_teamname_blue.

July 22, 2005
-Build 641-642: Started working on getting flags to not return automatically to their respective bases in ctf.  Edited bg_misc (not really necessary though), g_combat, g_items, g_team, and g_active.

July 18, 2005
-Build 639-640: More editing in g_cmds to log votes that are called to the admin log.
	-Added in a variable to provide help for people that don't know what commands are available for callvoting.
	-Made it so that a ref could force a vote to pass or fail in g_referee.

July 17, 2005
-Build 638: More editing in g_cmds to make a limiter on how often you can call a vote.
	-Fixed a stock bug in the quake source to track the number of votes that can be called per person.

July 16, 1005
-Build 637: Edited g_cmds to add in functionalisty for voting.
	Edited g_freeze to completely deprecate all old voting codes.  Also edited g_local and g_main to remove the g_votelimit cvar.

June 14, 2005
-Edited g_active to make it so that inactivity isn't counted against a person during warmup times

May 20, 1005
-More g_antiBot editing

May 19, 2005
-More g_antiBot editing

May 3, 2005
-Build 636: Added g_noPlayerClip to g_active to make players able to pass through each other.

April 19, 2005
-Build 635: Fixed a bug in g_utils where g_startarmor was adding to the player's armor, rather than setting it.

April 5, 2005
-Build 634: Added a fix to g_syscalls to prevent a client disconnect bug from occurring.

March 20, 2005
-Build 633: Made a fix to g_combat to disallow players from receiving damage from a weapon which damage is set to 0.

March 16, 2005
-Started researching/working on a possible g_delag 5.

March 11, 2005
-Found a possible referee unhide bug in the unhiding codes in g_main.  Have to research a little more.

March 8, 2005
-Build 632: Fixed the bug in g_bot that was causing players to be kicked instead of bots.

March 5, 2005
-Build 631: Fixed a bug in team locking that was causing people to be unable to spectate if the teams were locked.
	-Fixed a bug with the way the railgun passed through doors.  Instead of passing through them, the railgun should hit the door.  Fixed in g_weapon.

March 4, 2005
-Found and fixed a bug in the g_referee command parsing codes that was causing problems with illegal characters.
-Fixed a mover bug in g_mover when freezetag is on.
-Fixed a small bug with g_railgunEffects 2 in g_weapon.

March 3, 2005
-Build 629-630: More work on g_calcstats.

February 28, 2005
-Edited some more in g_calcStats to fix the printing overflow bug.  Also fixed some other cosmetic printing bugs in there as well.
-Fixed a bug in g_banFile that was causing comments to be removed when a banfile_removeIP was issued.

February 25, 2005
-Build 627-628: Added in two variants to the way g_delag works in g_unlagged_ver2, g_active, g_client, g_cmds, g_combat, g_main, g_misc, g_missile, and g_weapon.

February 17, 2005
-Trying to fix a client buffer overflow problem when >20 people are in the server when g_calcStats is on.  Changed g_referee, bg_public, and g_calcstats.

February 15, 2005
-Edited g_active to fix a small compiling bug with referee unhiding.

February 2, 2005
-Edited g_client to make powerup assignments not occur to frozen people with g_startPowerup.

January 28, 2005
-Edited g_cmds and g_calcstats to fix some cosmetic printing bugs.
-Build 626: Fixed a small error in the anticamper codes where the camper position wasn't being reset right in g_active.

January 27, 2005
-Build 624-625: Edited g_local and g_active to make the anticamper codes work better with the improved inactivity codes.
	-More g_antibot coding.

January 18, 2005
-Build 623: Small edit in g_bot and g_client to fix a bot/player kicking bug.

January 15, 2005
-Build 622: More work in bg_pmove for grappling.

January 14, 2005
-Fixed small bug in the guided missile think codes where a dead owner could still control their missiles.
-Edited bg_pmove for more grappling hook tweaking.

January 9, 2005
-Build 621: g_antibot editing.

January 8, 2005
-Build 616-620: More work with the grappling hook in bg_pmove.  Had to add a limiter so that people don't go swing crazy.
	-Finished the grappling hook addons.  Edited bg_local as well as bg_pmove.

January 6, 2005
-Started work on the grappling hook addon codes.  Edited g_active, g_trigger, g_misc, g_weapons, g_missile, bg_pmove, and bg_local.
-Fixed a comment bug in the banfile.  Had to increase the string length in g_banfile.
-Fixed a problem in g_cmds where a person who was acquiring 'suspected cheat' points wasn't being logged properly.
-Made the playerlist command now print out the score in g_cmds.

January 4, 2005
-Build 613-615: Finished work on the idle timer in g_client, g_active, and g_freeze.

January 3, 2005
-Started work on making the idle timer work better with freezetag even when people were being killed.  Edited g_client, g_freeze, and g_active.

December 28, 2004
-Fixed the longstanding problem where a person would be kicked if the players in the arena > bot_minplayers and a bot needed to be kicked (rather than a person).  Changed g_bot.
-G_antibot editing.
-Added in anti-gravity boots and editit g_cmds, g_active, g_local, g_calcstats, and g_main.  4 new variables were added to support it, which control everything from the number of boots each person gets to the amount of gravity they feel when the the boots are engaged.
-Added in the ability in 1v1 tournament when g_spawninvulnerable is turned on each player can have a delay put on their guns such that on each kill, each player will be unable to shoot for g_spawninvulnerable_time number of milliseconds.

December 22, 2004
-Edited g_referee for better logging into the admin.log file.
-Fixed a potential bug where a person would get kicked but not banned if the comment section was used with kickban but games_banned was not specified.  If the kickban command is not given an integer value of for games_banned it will now abort, rather than kicking and not banning.
-Edited g_active and g_main to make the g_anticamper_message only be one line, and also made it so that if g_anticamper_warndisplaytime is set to 0 no anticamper warning will be given.

December 20, 2004
-Added options to g_railgunsplash_notargetdamage so that it doesn't move frozen bodies

December 6, 2004
-Edited g_local and g_banfile to allow an admin to insert a command into the banfile.  Also, when g_antibot bans an IP, it will give the cheat's name as the comment in the banfile so an admin can determine why an ip was banned by quickly looking at the banfile, rather than having to reference the admin.log every time.

December 5, 2004
-Build 605: Edited both g_client and g_banfile to make the temporarily banned message for temporarily banned IPs located in the banfile.  Before, all IPs stored there reported to back to the user as Banned, even if they were temporarily banned.
-Build 606: Edited g_banfile and g_client to adjust the way the 'connect from banned ip' message appears in the admin.log file.  The line will now also contain the rule in the banfile that is causing the ban to be enforced.
	-Edited g_svcmds, g_active, and g_warnings to complete deprecate the old banning system.  IPs will no longer be added to g_banips, although the commands will still be there.

November 26, 2004
-Build 604: Edited g_cmds to change the way the ClientCommand function works.

November 22, 2004
-Build 604: Edited g_antibot to remove some old codes that were commented out anyway.

November 18, 2004
-Build 603: Undid some of the changes in g_cmds to try and fix the 'ghosts' appearing within the game.

November 14, 2004
-Fixed g_combat, and g_cmds to not give warnings to bots who may be suiciding or teamkilling (or etc.) too much.
-Build 602: A little more work on sv_pure.

November 3, 2004
-Build 599-601: More work in g_antibot to get the sv_pure stuff working for demo clients.

October 24, 2004
-Fixed a bug in g_items, bg_public, bg_misc, and g_spawn which was causing the CTF flags to appear on CTF maps even when g_gametype was set to 3 (TDM).

October 23, 2004
-Fixed a bug in g_items and g_freeze that was causing the bullet ricochet skin to not load when the mchinegun was disabled and the shotgun was enabled.

October 20, 2004
-Build 596-598: Played around with the sv_pure implementation to make it a little more usable.  Changed g_main and g_local.
	-Also adjusted the scoring for g_antibot in g_cmds.

October 17, 2004
-Build 595: Changed some of the g_antiBot variables around as well as where they were located in the mod.  Changed g_cmds, g_local, g_client, g_active, g_antibot and g_session

October 14, 2004
-Build 593-594: Trying some new variable maipulation out with g_antiBot.

October 11, 2004
-Build 592: More work on g_antiBot implemetation.
	-Removed some old test code from g_unlagged version 2.

October 8, 2004
-Build 589-591: Fixed the adminlog printing problems where an incorrect name was being printed when a connecting player was banned or gave the wrong password.  Changed g_client.
	-Refixed the referee bug where an unhiding ref was hidden if the map restarted.  Fixed in g_main.
	-Added in localhost spoof detection in g_client and g_active.  This is controlled by g_noLocalhost and is on by default.  A person connecting to the server as a localhost client should set this to 0.
	-Added in g_voidProtection, which will either prevent you from dying if you fall into the void, or will teleport you back onto the map.  Changed g_loa, g_main, and g_combat.
	-Added in the rest of the g_grenadeEffects codes into g_main, g_local, and g_missile.

October 4, 2004
-Fixed a bug in g_client where g_startHealthMultiplier could be set to 0.
-Recoded portions of g_antiBot for compiling reasons.

October 3, 2004
Build 588: Fixed a bug in g_main that was unhiding refs prematurely.
	-Edited g_antibot and g_active for logging purposes.

October 2, 2003
-Build 587: Playing around with g_unlagged_ver2 to see if I can make an option to keep the 50ms server lag.

September 30, 2004
-Build 586: Fixed a logging bug in g_antibot that was causing  missed log entry.
	-Added into g_client code to log when a person changes their name.  This will hopefuly make the logs less confusing.
	-Fixed a conditional code problem in g_active.
	-Fixed a conditional bug I found in g_cmds.

September 29, 2004
-Fixed a small bug in g_main that was causing a ref to not become unhidden if the map restarted during a timeout.
-Fixed a small bug in g_active which was causing ip address to not print out correctly in the admin log.
-Changed the printing functions in the adminlog in g_client to not print the playername when an incorrect password or connecting from a banned ip address.
-Slightly changed the way commands are handled in g_cmds in reference to intermission and also fixed a small conditional bug with the ClientCommand function.
-Added in conditional statements to g_bot to adjust the way humans are counted in reference to when a hidden referee is in the arena.
-Edited the G_ShutdownGame function in g_main to fix the problem where a referee who was becoming unhidden during a map restart wouldn't appear on the scoreboards and would be forced to unhide themselves again.
-Build 584-585: Implemented the above.

September 28, 2004
-Edited g_client to fix a bug that was causing bots to not connect properly when a password was set on the server.
-Made g_delag_truePing to not be a CVAR_ARCHIVE in g_main.
-Build 583: Implemented the above.
	-Changed a few of the my variables around for antibot to clean things up.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_antibot.

September 27, 2004
-Build 578-582: More antibot coding in g_antibot, g_client, g_active, and g_cmds.
	-Finished the g_grenadeEffects to enable homing grenades.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_missile.

September 26, 2004
-Fixed a small bug in the printing portion of the playerlist command for refs
-Build 577: More antibot coding.

September 25, 2004
-Fixed a small bug in g_cmds that was allowing a previously dead person to attempt to kill themselves again.

September 20,2004
-Build 576: Fixed a bug in g_banfile that was causing the serer to crash if a banfile_listip was issued and a person was banned for over 999 banned games.
	-Fixed a bug in g_clients that was causing a server crash when a team game (g_gametype 3) was attempted on map q3tourney3.

September 9, 2004
-Build 573: Fixed a bug in g_cmds and g_active where the muted and anticamper messages weren't printing out right.
	-Added in g_noPrivateChat, which disables pricate chats from occurring.
	-Also added in \playerlist, controlled by g_playerlist, which can allow a player to see who is playing and what their player number is.  Changed g_cmds, g_main, and g_local.
-Build 574-575: Added in lightning splash damage into g_local, g_main, bg_public.h, and g_combat.
	-Also started working on making the lightning bolts bounce off map structures.

September 8, 2004
-Build 569: Added in g_muted_message and g_antiCamper_message to allow admins to control the message that players see when muted or camping.  Added in in g_local, g_main, g_cmds, and g_active.
-Build 570-571: Fixed a major oversight in the g_delag == 2 implementation and made the connection icon above people's heads a variable (g_delag_connectionIcon).  Changed g_main, g_local, g_client, and g_active.  Also verified that the 50ms server-sided lag has been dealt with properly.
	-Also fixed a bug in g_client in reference to the g_banfile codes that could have attributed to the bots not loading properly when an incorrect entry is made into the banfile.
-Build 572: Made falling in freezetag a conditional variable so that an admin can control whether or not a person is frozen.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_freeze.

August 26, 2004
-Build 568: Fixed a few coding errors I found with the new delag codes in g_main, g_local, g_missile, g_active, and g_weapon.

August 25, 2004
-Build 567: Added in delagged version 2, which can be accessed by using g_delag 2.

August 24, 2004
-Build 563-565: Made all armor boxes, ammo boxes, and ammo picked up from weapons variables.  Changed g_loca, g_main, and g_items.
	-Finally finished the homing rocket codes that allow a homing rocket to target another homing rocket.  This is both an offensive and defensive option.  Changed g_missile.  Activated by g_rocketeffects_targetRocket.
-Build 566: Fixed a bug in g_notourneychat which was causing the chats not to be in the right color and for g_noTourneychat to take affect when it shouldn't.  Changed g_cmds.

August 23, 2004
-Build 562: Added in g_pickupAmmo_* variables so that an admin can control how much ammo the ammo boxes give each player when they are picked up.  Changed g_main, g_local, and g_items.

August 21, 2004
-Added in g_freezetag_spawnCampedMeltTime to control the amount of time you are frozen after being spawncamped.  Editd g_local, g_main, and g_freeze.
-Added in variables to control how much damage is taken for being in lava, slime, and in water too long.  Edited g_local, g_main, and g_active.
-Edited g_items for optimization reasons in the g_quadRestrictions codes.

August 18, 2004
-Build 558-560: Realized that the noReload function needed more granularity.  Renamed it to g_weaponSwitchTime_fastSwitch and g_weaponSwitchTime_comboShots in g_local, q_shared, bg_pmove, g_main, and bg_local.
-Build 554-557: Fixd the longstanding bug where a person could continually switch weapons when g_weaponSwitchTime_noReload was set.  Changed q_shared.h and bg_pmove.c ang g_local.

August 15, 2004
-Build 553: Changed the g_noTourneyChat color from magenta to cyan in g_cmds.

August 13, 2004
-Build 551: Fixed a small bug in g_banfile that was causing the system to report back that it has added or removed an IP address from the banfile when in fact it hadn't.
-Build 552: Added in new variables to control how much ammo each weapon could carry.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_items.

August 12, 2004
-Build 548: Added in a new option to g_noTourneyChat in g_cmds.  All players will now see their chats in magenta, rather than in gree, and when this is set to 2, all players will hear each other during intermission.  Adjusted g_cmds.
-Build 549-550: Added in g_maxTeamPlayers_red and _blue to g_main, g_local, g_session, g_client, and g_cmds.  This will allow an admin to control the maximum number of players each team can have, which will help to eliminate unbalanced teams.

July 22, 2004
-Build 546-547: Fixed a bug in g_banfile which was causing the banfile.cfg to be erased when a banfile_listip command was issued.
	-Also fixed a bug in g_banfile that where the ip address verification function was trying to process a blank string and causing an error.

July 19, 2004
-Build 542: Adjusted g_main and g_local to add in g_suddenDeath.  On by default, it'll allow an admin to control whether the game can go to sudden death or end in a tie.
-Build 543-544: Made the lockteam command only able to make persistent team locks across warmups, and not game restarts.  Edited g_local and g_main.
	-Fixed a small bug in the way the lockteam command handles incorrect arguments.  Edited g_svcmds.
-Build 545: Started working on OSP-stlye log integration into g_main.

July 9, 2004
-Build 541: Adjusted g_local, g_client, and q_shared to increase the maximum letters in a name from 32 to 64

July 7, 2004
-Build 539-540: Adjusted g_cmds, g_local, and g_main to put in g_referee_teamChat, which will allow referees to hear team chats.

April 26, 2004
-Build 533-536: Implemented the g_banFile external file banning system.  This will allow banning of more people per server.  Created g_banfile and adjusted g_main, g_local, g_svcmds, and g_client.
-Build 537-538: Cleaned upthe g_banFile file itself to make it a little cleaner.
	-Adjusted g_active and g_warnings so tat when people get banned via cheating or chatfragging (etc.) they also get added to the banfile.

April 25, 2004
-Made the SelectRandomSpawnPoint codes selectable through a variable.  This will allow admins to chose what respawn codes run on their servers.  The change was in g_client, g_local, and g_main.
-Fixed a 1.16 stock bug in g_items that was causing the megahealth to spawn too early.  It was spawning on the normal health timer.  Changed g_items.
-Added in an option to allow tournaments to have map rotations.  Changed g_main and g_local.
-Build 531: Implemented the above.
-Build 532: Added in g_freezetag_grappleFreeze to allow the grappling hpook to freeze people in freezetag.  Edited g_main, g_local, and g_freeze.

April 3, 2004
-Build 525-526: Finished the teamLock command.  Had to adjust how bots were added into the game to preserve teamlocking functionality.  I also made it so that the forceteam command overrules the lockteam command.  That'll allow referees to force a player onto a locked team.  Changed g_local, g_referee, g_cmds, g_svcmds, g_bot, and g_client.
-Build 527: Small bugfix in g_cmds and g_antibot for the log printing.
-Build 528: Made a variable to control what percentage of the votes are required to pass a vote.  Made the change in g_loal and g_main.
-Build 529-530: Made two new variables for turrets to control if they can spawn on another entity and if you can place them anywhere, even in the air.  Changed g_turret, g_items, g_local, g_main, and g_decoy.

March 30, 2004
-Build 523-524: Started working on the team locking codes
	-Broke out the antibot codes into a new file for manageability reasons.  Also made the bot checking a little bit tighter in the timing algorithms.  Changed g_cmds.
-Build 522: Small fix to the way the logs are created when a cheater is detected while spectating.  The change was in g_cmds.

March 25, 2004
-Build 518-519: Made the g_weaponSwitchTime codes better and created another variable, g_weaponSwitchTime_noReload to disable the wait time between when you shoot a weapon and when you can switch to the next weapon. Changed g_main, bg_local, and bg_pmove.
-Build 520: Made the spawnCamped codes from yesterday only apply to a non-suicider.  Changed g_freeze and g_lastmanstanding.
	-Also fixed a bug where the client->respawnTime was being reset at places I didn't want it to be.  Changed g_freeze and g_combat.
-Build 521: Optimized the spawnCamped codes a little bit in g_client, g_freeze, g_local, and g_lastmanstanding, and fixed a small bug with respawnTime as well.

March 24, 2004
-Build 516: Made the anticamper codes not attempt to track a spectator who may be using a cheat.  However as soon as they join the game, they had better watch out.  Changed g_cmds.
-Build 517: Made g_freezetag_spawnCampedReapawnTime to help people automelt if they were killed right after they respawned.  Changed g_main, g_freeze, and g_local.
	-Also created g_freezetag_spawnCampedDistance to determine how far away a person can be from their spawn point for the spawncamped codes to apply.  Changed g_freeze, g_main, and g_local.
	-Also created g_freezetag_spawnCampedNoPoints to force the spawn camper to not get any points for performing a spawn camp.  Changed g_freeze, g_local, and g_main.
	-Lastly, created g_lastmanstanding_* for the above variables.  Same function, and changed g_lastmanstanding, g_local, and g_main.

March 10, 2004
-Polished up the g_blackNameFix codes in g_client.
-Build 514-515: Forgot that you couldn't use the same variable name in nested for statements.  This fixes g_startWeapon in g_lastmanstanding and g_freeze.

March 9, 2004
-Found a g_startWeapon crashing bug in Build 513.  Trying to sleuth it out.

March 4, 2004
-Fixed a SetupBanner bug in g_referees that was causing referee warn messages to be sent to everyone.

March 2, 2004
-Build 511-512: Fixed a bug in the way g_startWeapon calculates what weapon is in the ready state.  I think this may have been causing people to get booted if things were set incorrectly.  Fixed g_client, g_freeze, and g_lastmanstanding.
-Build 513: Made a small fix in g_client just to make sure g_startWeapon was working right.
March 1, 2004
-Build 510: Added a function to g_blackNameFix where you can allow black names to occur by default.  Just set it to 2.  Fix was in g_client.
	Bugfix in g_freeze where if a player is forceteam'ed to another team, their body stays.  The body will now free itself if this happens and won't stay around.
-Determined another way a common cheat works.  Adapted the g_antibot codes in g_cmds.

February 28, 2004
-Build 506: Replaced the g_plasmaEffects, g_rocketEffects 3, and g_bfgEffects with g_projectileBounce in g_local, g_main, and g_missile.
-Build 507: Fixed a small bug in g_missile that was not calculating g_projectileBounce properly for rockets
	Upon request, conditionalized the code for G_AddEvent in g_missile to remove the bouncing sound that the plasma makes.
-Build 508-509: Fixed the bouncing homing rockets in g_missile.  I'm not going to make bouncing rockets for guided missiles.

February 27, 2004
-Build 504: Fixed a bug that was causing a spectator to be given powerups in g_client.  Edited the G_Start* functions in g_utils.
	-Also created g_bfgEffects and created a third variable in g_rocketEffects.
-Build 505: Fixed the bug in g_session that was allowing bots in team matches to become spectators.
	-Fixed a bug in the adminlog that wasn't tracking referee warning messages correctly in g_referee.

February 26, 2004
-Build 502-503: Created the g_accelerationCoefficient and g_frictionCoefficient variables to control friction and acceleration within the arena.  Edited g_loca, g_main, bg_public, bg_pmove, and bg_local.

February 25, 2004
-Build 501: Made CTF flags have a red or blue ring at their base.
	Lastly, made the flag carrier have the quad skin.

February 24, 2004
-Corrected a spelling error in g_team.c for the aggressive enemy notification.

February 22, 2004
-Made it so that if the map ends during a timeout, the game won't attempt to continue counting after the timeout is over.  Changed g_main.
-Added in g_plasmaEffects to make the plasma bullets bounce off map structures.  Changed g_missile, g_main, and g_local.  This same code can make rockets and bfgs bounce...yum.

February 18, 2004
-Made LMS work correctly with 1v1 tournaments in g_lastmanstanding.
-Edited g_bot to allow a bot to be added during the intermission.  Also changed g_local and g_main.
-Finished the adminlog additions.  Tracking players is easier now.  Edited g_main, g_client, g_referee, and g_cmds.
-Build 500: Implemented the above.

February 16, 2004
-Made referees able to see other hidden referees in g_referees.
-Made the adminlog in g_main now track player disconnects.

February 12, 2004
-Build 499: Fixed a bug where the system would try to add a hidden referee into the game during a 1v1 tournament.  The fix was in g_main.

February 10, 2004
-Build 498: Oops..Found the g_homingrocket_keeptarget code trying to use uninitialized values in g_missile.  It was causing some crashes, so I fixed it.

February 7, 2004
-Fixed a small printing bug in the serverstatus command.

February 4, 2004
-Build 497: Made the grappling hook able to attach to the sky (as well as the entire bounding box around the map).  Edited g_local, g_main, and g_missile.

February 3, 2004
-Build 496: Fixed g_startWeapon in g_client.  You can now control which weapons you have when you spawn, as well as what weapon is in the ready position.

February 2, 2004
-Renamed g_startHealthMultiplier to g_maxHealthMultiplier.  This was done this variable was pretty much incorrectly named.  Also, this adds room for the original variable, g_startHealthMultiplier, to work to control the starting health (and not the max health) .  Changed g_client, g_local, and g_main.
-Added in g_startWeapon to make it a choice as to what weapon you start with in the ready position.  Adjusted g_client, g_local, and g_main.
-Build 495: Implemented the above.
-Build 495's g_startWeapon isn't quite working right, but I'm out of time to fix it tonight.

February 1, 2004
-Moved some of the g_quadRestrictions code from g_items to bg_misc.  It will most likely cause prediction errors there, but this should accomplish quad restrictions better.  Also changed bg_public.
-Found a bug in some of the time keeping functions of the powerups if they were dropped.  Changed g_items.
-Added adminlog tracking of suspected cheating players.
-Build 493: Implemented the above.
-Build 494: Figured out a way to make the g_quadRestrictions code all in g_items.  No more prediction errors.  Removed the codes from bg_misc and bg_public.

January 31, 2004
-Moved the g_warnings code to a separate file, as well as the g_calcstats.
-Few small edits in g_cmds to clean up the votelimit codes (although they are probably not used anyways).
-Found and fixed a bug in g_combat that would cause scores to be updated too often if the system thought incorrectly you were a spectator and following someone.
-Removed some unnecessary code in g_freeze concerning how messages are sent out to melters and people who follow them.
-Edited g_items to prevent spectator and player from hearing the "denied" message when they were being followed by a spectator.
-Found a bug in g_cmds with g_antibot.  If antibotting was turned on, any incorrect commands to the server would not reported to the clients as such.
-Editing g_antibot to be more effective against a well known cheat in g_cmds.
-Added another quad restriction to g_quadrestrictions.  If it equals 4, then a quad holder can't pick up another quad.
-Build 491-492: Implemented the above.

January 30, 2004
-Build 489: Fixed a bug in g_spawn that was preventing the location of people from showing up in the team overlay.
-Build 490: Adjusted the hardcoded respawn time of ammo and health for use with g_quadrestrictions in g_items.  It is now one second.

January 29, 2004
-Build 486: Had a dream last night about how to fix the anomolies I saw where g_respawn_* wasn't working right if the map author set the respawn time of the item.  The fix worked.  Edited g_items.
-Build 487: Completely deprecated and removed g_noMapItems since none of the code was necessary anymore with the advent of the g_itemDisable codes.  Edited g_spawn, g_itemdisable, g_main, g_local, g_items, and ai_main.
-Build 488: Added in g_switchTeamTime to control how often people can change teams as well as how long they have to be on a team before they can switch teams.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_cmds.

January 28, 2004
-Added into g_items the variable g_ammo_pickupMaximum to control the maximum amount of ammo you can carry.  Walking over ammo while you have this much ammo won't do anything.  Also adjusted g_main and g_local.
-Added g_quadRestrictions to make it so that people with quad can't get ammo or armor.  Adjusted g_items, g_main and g_local.
-Added g_noPowerupSpawnSound to prevent the powerup sound from occurring once a powerup is spawned.  It prevents the 'whoosh' from being heard by everyone.  Adjusted g_items, g_main and g_local.
-Added g_noPowerupPickupSound to prevent the powerup sound from occurring once a powerup it picked up.  It'll prevent the "QUAD DAMAGE" sound from sounding everytime someone gets quad, for instance.  Adjusted g_items, g_main and g_local.
-Removed the disable command in favor of bitwise operators and the g_itemDisable variable.  Same functionality, just this way I'll be able to conserve cvars.  Changed g_weapon, g_items, g_main, and g_local.
-Noticed an oddity in g_respawn_*...if the map author set a manual respawn rate for the item, like quad, that value will override the value that you use the config.  This affects the quad and mega health spawntimes in q3dm17, for instance, and probably other maps.  This may be a source of frustration.
-Build 481-483: Implemented the above.
-Build 484: Added in g_powerupTime_* variables to control how long powerups last when you get them.  Changed g_item, g_main, and g_local.
-Build 485: Made a 5 second delay occur if you were using g_quadRestrictions.  That way, the quake engine doesn't attempt to continually respawn the item if you sit on it.  Adjusted g_items.  It'll appear that you pick up the item, but that's all that will happen.  You will not get credit for it.

January 27, 2004
-Deprecated the g_ammolimit and g_weaponlimit in favor of the disable_* commands that come with the stock code.  I'll have to remember to put a note on the website about that.  The change was in g_spawn.
-Moved the G_DisableItem from g_items to g_spawn.  Also moved the g_noMapItems variable to g_spawn.
-Added G_ItemReplaced in g_spawn to assist in item replacement in maps.  Deprecated the WeaponDisabled and AmmoDisabled calls from g_spawn as well.
-Build 477-479: Implemented the above.
-Build 480: Realized I had duplicated g_teamweaponrespawn with g_respawn_teamweapon.  I removed the latter in g_items, g_main, and g_local.

January 26, 2004
-Determined where in the code time limits of powerups are stored.  This will be used later.

January 25, 2004
-Build 470-475: Built on the g_startbanner functionality done yesterday to allow an admin to control how long other messages stay on the screens of players.  Adjusted the banner display time for the warn referee command, anticamper, timeout, inactivity, and spectator inactivity.  All those variables and commands now have an associated displayTime variable that controls how long the banner stays on player's screens.  Adjusted g_local, g_cmds, g_banner, g_referee, g_main, g_active, g_client, g_svcmds, and g_combat.  Also moved all banner related code to g_banner for code managability reasons.
-Build 476: Made all the spawn times of powerups, ammo, armor, etc, variables.  Now an admin can control how often the quad appears in the map, for instance.  Changed g_item, g_local, and g_main.

January 24, 2004
-Fixed a small bug in g_svcmds.
-Made g_noPowerupDrop_teamPlay.  It controls powerup dropping during teamplay.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_combat.
-Added more functionality to g_startBanner.  By increasing the value of g_startBanner, you can now make the banner appear longer.  Changed g_client, g_action, and g_banner.
-Build 467-469: Implemented the above.

January 18, 2004
-By request, added in the ref 'warn' command to warn people.  Changed g_referee.
-Created a new status command from the console which successfully prints all the people in the console, rather than just the first 14.  The fix was in g_svcmds.  The new command is called serverstatus.
-In the playerlist command in g_referee, made it so that referees can no longer see hidden referees
-Build 463-465: Implemented the above.
-Build 466: Made the "invalid password" message in g_client into a variable: g_password_errorMessage.

January 5, 2004
-Build 462: Edited g_dodge to make the dodging resting time a variable.
	-Edited g_dodge again to make the timeout between hitting the jump key (for double jumps) a variable.

January 1, 2004
-Build 459-460: Fixed a bug in g_cmds that caused the order of people into a 1v1 tournament to be incorrect.
-Build 461: Found a bug in the stock ID code (woohoo!).  In 1v1, if a player was in the connecting state and there was already another player in and a spectator (both fully connected), the system would try to continuously add the next person in line (like a bot) into the game unsuccessfully, which would cause a infinite loop.

December 31, 2003
-Added in grapple damage to g_missile.  Also changed g_local and g_main.
-Build 457: Implemented the above, as well as finished the last parts for dodge and doublejumping in g_active, g_local, g_main, bg_public, and bg_pmove.
-Build 458: Accidentally left some code in g_freeze that was causing melting sounds to loop too fast.

December 30, 2003
-Small bugfix in g_cmds that will fix spectators seeing the "You melted *" message, even when you weren't following a player who was melting.
-Build 452-453: Finished the hideref and unhideref commands.  You now can be hidden across map changes and map_restarts.  Edited g_main, g_local, g_referee, g_active, g_cmds, and g_client.
-Build 454: Removed old code from g_referee.
	Forgot to set the default value of g_antiBot_gamesBanned in g_main.
	Small change in g_client to how the admin log tracks connecting players.
-Build 455: Removed more deprecated referee code from g_client.
-Build 456: Playing around with some dodging the double-jumping codes...

December 29, 2003
-Build 450-451: Added in bot detection in g_cmds, although I truly don't believe this will catch many cheaters.
-When a referee is hidden and the map restarts, the ref becomes unhidden and goes into the game.  I'll have to redoe the codes in g_active, g_client, and g_referee.
-Made the hideref and unhideref part of the g_referee_allowedcmd_* family to improve consistency in g_referee.

December 14, 2003
-Small edit in g_client to log connection attempts from banned IPs and people using incorrect passwords.  This will add entries into the g_adminLog

December 10, 2003
-Build 446-448: Worked in g_referee, g_local, g_active, and g_main to do some last minute touchups to the hidden referee commands and interfaces.
	-Broke out the turret code into g_turret and the decoy codes into g_decoy.  This was only done for manageability reasons.
-Build 449: Fixed the bug in g_freeze where spectators following a player who melted another player would not see the "You melted {player}" message.
-Found an section in g_freeze where I might be able to map a looping sound occur when you stand close enough to frozen bodies.
-Found a bug in the way the codes detect how many turrets you have deployed.  Fixed this in g_turret, g_cmds, and g_local by making the variable persistent across respawns.

December 9, 2003
-Build 444-445: Worked in g_referee, g_local, g_cmds, g_main, g_client, g_session, g_active, and g_svcmds to make referees be able to hide and unhide themselves.  This should be useful to stop those problem players who act up when the admins aren't around.

December 8, 2003
-Build 441-443: Worked in g_referee, g_local, g_cmds, g_main, and g_svcmds to add in the playerlist command so that referees can see that player's IP addresses, names, and slots.

December 7, 2003
-Build 439-440: Worked in g_svcmds to add in more console/rcon commands.

December 6, 2003
-Build 431-438: Added in referees in g_local, g_session, g_cmds, g_main, g_local and created g_referee.
	-Renamed the g_ipLog to g_adminLog variable since this log will also hold referee auditing information.
	-Also modified the muting code to be persistant across map restarts, so the player will be muted until they disconnect.  Modified g_session, g_client, g_local, g_cmds, and g_svcmds.

December 5, 2003
-Build 430: Small bugfix in g_freeze where you could set g_freezetag_automeltTime to less than 0 and not have bodies ever be freed.

December 4, 2003
-Build 429: By request, made a variable to make melting bodies sound like a nose from TankJr, rather than the regen sound.  Changed g_local, g_main, and g_freeze.

November 22, 2003
-Build 426-428: By request, made a variable to create an ip.log file that tracks player names and player ip addresses.  g_client, g_main, and g_local were all changed for this addon.

November 15, 2003
-Build 425: Fixed a bug with g_antiCamper killing people when the game was paused.  The fix was in g_active.

November 12, 2003
-Build 424: Changed g_spawnProtection_noSpawnSound to g_spawnProtection_noPowerupSound.

November 11, 2003
-Build 418-419: Finished coding the g_noSpawningSound variable in g_local, g_main, g_client, g_freeze, and g_lastmanstanding.  This will eliminate the teleport sound on spawn as well as the teleport visual effect on spawning.
	-In accordance with the above variable, also created g_spawnProtection_noSpawnSound, which will disable the powerup sound you (and others) hear when you get the invisiblity powerup or the battlesuit powerup upon spawning protected.  If spawnProtection is one, turning both g_noSpawningSound and g_spawnProtection_noSpawnSound on will make you completely silent and protected during an initial spawn.
-Build 420-421: Added in the g_longNameFix variable which will cause most printed messages to become two lines, instead of truncating messages when they reach the 34 character maximum.  Changed g_local, g_main, g_cmds, g_lastmanstanding, and g_freeze.
	-Also attemping to fix where a person following a player who melts another player doesn't see the appropriate "You melted {player}" message.  Playing around with g_freeze.
-Build 422-423: Revisited build 409.  Made an adjustment to the way the game determines whether to wait for a player if they are connecting.  Adjusted g_lastmanstanding.

November 10, 2003
-Build 416: Finished the pause command.  Works exactly the way I wanted it to.  Utilizes PM_FREEZE properly.  Made the change in g_svcmds, g_active, and g_local.
-Build 417: Per request, made the follow command not make you a spectator if you are already frozen or eliminated in freezetag or lastmanstanding.  Adjusted g_cmds.

November 9, 2003
-Build 414: Implemented the fixed and improvements below
	-Added in the "pause" command which allows people with rcon or console access to pause the game.  The change was in g_svcmds, g_local, and g_active.
	-Fixed a small bug in g_cmds about g_timeout_minPlayingTime not being eveluated properly.
	-Fixed a small bug in timeouts in g_main and g_cmds that would cause a game to finish prematurely is timelimit was set to 0 and timeouts were enabled.
-Build 415: Still working on the pause command.  All players now can't move and can't hurt others, but they still can lose ammo if they fire...

November 6, 2003
-Build 412-413: Added in g_turret_teamMarker which will cause a blue or red ring to be drawn around turrets depending on which team they belong to.  Changed g_active, g_main, and g_local.

November 5, 2003
-Build 411: Added in g_timeout_minPlayingTime to control the minimum number of seconds you must be playing before you can call a team timeout.

November 2, 2003
-Made a possible fix to g_lastmanstanding which would cause a connecting player to stall the game
-Build 409: Implemented the last fixes in this log.
-Build 410: Fixed a small bug in Build 409 where the name of the victim and attacker were switched.  This is only a printing bug and superficial at that.  The functionality is there and the ball holder is given the ball correctly.

November 1, 2003
-Changed the scoring in g_combat for muckleball so when a person suicides their last attacker can be eligible to score the muckleball kill, and consequently obtain the ball.

October 27, 2003
-Found an incredibly obvious bug in the spawn invulnerable code in g_client.  Also fixed a similar bug in g_freeze.

October 14, 2003
-Build 407-408: Trying to fix an invulnerability bug in g_combat 

October 12, 2003
-Build 405: Fixed a small bug in g_main which was causing respawned people after a muckleball score to be able to deliver damage.
	-Also fixed a printing bug in g_combat when a player would push another off the map.
	-Also fixed a scoring bug in g_combat.
-Build 406: Installed a limiter a player calling the \help and \stats commands too often in g_cmds and g_local.

October 11, 2003
-Build 403-404: Redid all of the g_spawnInvulnerable and g_spawnProtection codes to fix bugs, add more granulatity, and add features.  This will cause a little bit of backward compatibility, but it is for the better.  Made the change in g_main, g_local, g_lastmanstanding, g_freeze, g_muckleball, g_client, and g_combat.
	-Changed the scoring in g_combat for muckleball.

October 7, 2003
-Fixed a small bug in g_freeze dealing with points being assigned to a person who was lagged out but whose client->playerState was still true.
-Made a change in g_client so that when a player is muted, they can't change their name.
-Make a variable to make reflected rails only give damage, rather than a direct hit in g_weapon.
-Build 402: Implemented the above.

October 6, 2003
-Made regen in MuckleBall a variable.  A person with the regen powerup will get g_muckleball_regenMultiplier points of health per second per person in the arena.  The change was in g_ative, g_local, and g_main.
-In g_combat, made a person who shot a MuckleBall holder right before they fell into the void get the ball, rather than it be given out randomly.  Also changed g_local and g_main.
-Build 398-401: Implemented the above and troubleshot the MuckleBall scoring in g_combat.

October 4, 2003
-Made a MB holder lose more points if they fall off.  You now gain the same amount as you lose.  The change was in g_combat.

October 1, 2003
-Made turrets unable to kill themselves in g_active.  This will prevent turrets from taking splash damage (and possibly exploding) if a person is shot who is in very close proximity to the turret.
-Build 393-397: Finished coding for g_noDamageAfterDeath to remove damage from being assigned if the player died before hitting the opponent, even if the player damages the opponent with a projectile fired before they died.

September 29, 2003
-Edited g_cmds, g_combat, and g_active to move the autokick functions around, since their old locations were causing games to stall if a player was kicked.  The player would be kicked, and would be replaced with a 0 ping "ghost".  In LMS, this would stall the game.

September 25, 2003
-Worked more on adding a variable to control projectiles from dead players causing damage.  Changed g_combat, but didn't get a chance to finish.

September 24, 2003
-Build 392: Made a variable for guided the homing rockets to not be guided or homing if the owner dies.  The change was in g_missile, g_main, and g_local.

September 23, 2003
-Work in g_items to fix a bullet ricochet skin not preloading properly when g_wpflags is 4 but machineguns are not used.

September 22, 2003
-Build 391: Fixed a bug in CTF where a flag would not be dropped properly when g_noPowerupDrop was turned on.  The fix was in g_combat.
-Small change in g_muckleball that could potentially lead to a non-existent person obtaining the muckleball.  When a new person joins the game, it would reset this.

September 15, 2003
-Build 388-390: Work in g_svcmds.

September 14, 2003
-Build 386: Fixed the problem with g_spawninvulnerable that caused projectiles to not deliver damage if the owner was dead or spawning.  The fix was in g_combat.  Thanks to Ino for troublehshooting this with me.
-Build 387: Added more granlarity in the damage delivery of turrets.  Made the damage the turrets deliver by splash and the damage the turret's projectile deliver by splash two different variables in g_active, g_local and g_main.
-People have made requests to make projectile damage by a dead player a variable in g_local, g_main, and g_combat.  What is the best way to do this?

September 11, 2003
-Build 384: Made the health of vulnerable rockets a variable in g_missile.  Also changed g_main and g_local.
-Build 385: Made guided rockets unguidable if the owner dies.  The change was in g_missile.
	Changed g_cmds to add in g_noPublicChat to disable all public chats for use in clan matches.  Public chatting is auto-enabled during intermission.  Also changed g_local and g_main to add the variable in.

September 9, 2003 Uploaded Build 383
-Build 383: In LMS, you could get squished and respawn immediately.  Adjusted g_lastmanstanding to not force a respawn unless the person fell into the void during the voidrespawntime or from a mod_unknown.

September 8, 2003
-Build 379: By request, made homing rockets that are not yours and are vulnerable be targetable by your homing rockets.  Made the change in g_local, g_main, and g_missile.
	Also made a chasing homing rocket a little bit faster so it chases better.  The adjustment was in g_missile.
	The chasing rockets aren't working quite right...I'll troubleshoot this later.
-Build 380-381: Adjusted G_StartHoldable to properly give a spawning player a holdable.  The fix was in g_client, g_lastmanstanding, g_muckleball, g_freeze, and g_utils.
-Build 382: Made all projectiles have variable lifetimes.  Affects plasma, bfg, rockets, plasma, and grenades.  The change was in g_missile, g_local, and g_main.  This deprecates g_rocketeffectS_lifetime and this variable was therefore removed.

September 4, 2003
-Build 367-376: By request, made the startbanners appear in all gametypes, including tournament.  The change was in g_client.
	More work on turret targeting by rockets in g_missile....finished.  Wound up not needing turrets to be inuse.
	By request, expanded g_muckleball_balltype to include the flight powerup in g_main.  Set it so 32 to use this option.
	Also by request, added in g_startPowerup to force all spawning players to spawn with a certain powerup.  Also added g_startPowerup_time to determine how much time that powerup will last.  Edited g_client, g_local, g_main, g_lastmanstanding, g_freeze, and g_muckleball.
	Also by request, added in g_startHoldable to force all spawning players to have a holdable powerup, either the medkit or the teleporter.  I'm having some problems getting this to work right...I'll work on it later.
-Build 377: Fixed a bug introduced by turret targeting into g_missile's homing rocket functions.  Oops.
-Build 378: Made it so that by setting g_rocketeffects_lifetime to 0 missiles would last forever in the arena, instead of exploding immeditely.  The fix was in g_missile.

August 28, 2003
-Build 362-366: Expanded autobanning by allowing the value of g_autoBan_* to be -1 (as well as a normal integer).  This allows an admin to temporaryily ban someone (>1) or permanently ban them (-1).  The fix was in g_combat and g_cmds.
	Changed the value of turret->inuse to true in g_active
	Working more on homing rockets targeting turrets in g_missile.
August 27, 2003
-Build 360-361: Working on making homing rockets target turrets.

August 26, 2003 Uploaded Build 359
-Build 356-359: Fixed a bug in LMS in g_lastmanstanding where a person could go to spectator mode and stall the game.  Changed the point assigning algorithm to account for a spectator who wasn't ever in the game.

August 24, 2003
-Made g_gameMod a serverinfo public variable.  This will make qstat work better with it.
-Build 353: Fixed a g_gamemod == 1 or == 2 in g_mover where doors weren't opening automatically for players.
	Made an attempted fix to RegisterWeapon in g_freeze to force the bullet skin to preload even if the machinegun wasn't being spawned in the map.
-Small optimization in RegisterWeapon in g_freeze for the lightning skin of the grappling hook.
-Build 354: Fix to RegisterWeapon calling in g_spawn to addon to bullet skin reloading.
-Build 355: Made a fix to g_lastmanstanding which made it so that a player can not repeatedly score if a person is lagged out or isn't spawned in fast enough after dying.

July 18, 2003
-Build 347-350: Fixed a bug where a muckleball holder wasn't being picked right a valid one wasn't already present.  The fix was in g_muckleball.  This bug happened upon a restart where there were bots involved.
-Build 351: Fixed a spelling error in g_cmds for the \help in muckleball.
-Build 352: Added in a tenth line for the start banner in g_local, g_main, and g_client.

July 17, 2003 Uploaded Build 345
-Build 334-345: Fixed the bugs I could find in muckleball in g_main and g_muckleball.
-Build 346: Made turrets unable to target invisible players in g_active.

July 16, 2003
-Build 320-332: More bug fixing with muckleball in g_muckleball, g_main, and g_combat.
-Build 333: Fixed a client crashing/kicking bug when an illegal model was used.  The fix was in g_client.

July 15, 2003
-Build 316-319: More bug fixing in g_muckleball, g_main, and g_combat.

July 14, 2003
-Build 315: Finished rebuilding the muckleball mod and am now fixing bugs.

July 12, 2003
-Decided I didn't like the way the muckleball mod was being created, so I rewrote most of the functions in g_muckleball and g_combat.

July 11, 2003
-Build 308-310: Added new variable, g_muckleball_intermissionTime, into g_muckleball, g_local, and g_main.  It controls the amount of no-damage time between muckleball switches.
-Build 311-311: Fixed a bug in freezetag where a chatting player who kills themself will respawn immediately.  Fixed in g_freezetag.
-Build 312-314: Cleaned up some codes in g_combat and g_main referring to timeouts.
	Cleaned up the codes referring to the CheckPointIntermission codes for the period of time between scores in muckleball.
	Created a better random-mucklee picker in g_muckleball to prevent a suicider from regaining the muckleball instantly.

July 10, 2003
-Made g_lastmanstanding_voidRespawnTime.  This variable controls how much time each person has protection (when spawning) in case they fall into the void.  If they fall into the void before this time runs out, they automatically respawn.  Edited g_local, g_main, and g_lastmanstanding.
-Build 307: Implemented the above.  Also added g_gameMod_scoringSound, which determines what sound is played when a point is scored in any g_gameMod mode (freezetag, lastmanstanding, muckleball...).  Edited g_muckleball, g_local, g_main, and g_freezetag.

July 5, 2003
-Build 206: Playing around with chain lightning...maybe I could make this rail chaining...  Edited g_local, g_main, and g_combat.

July 1, 2003
-Build 298-305: Added in g_regen_addHealth to g_local, g_main, and g_active for more granularity with the amount of health you get from the regeneration powerup.
	Modified the MuckleBall picker in g_muckleball and how it interacts with g_combat.

June 27, 2003
-Build 296: First successful MuckleBall build
-Build 297: Per request, added in g_startBanner_text7, _text8, and _text9 in g_client, g_main, and g_local for more text lines that appear when you join a server.

June 26, 2003
-Created g_muckleball.
-Edited g_main and g_local for new variables and their definitions.
-Edited g_combat to pass control into g_muckleball properly for evalutation and muckleball exchange from one player to another.

June 23, 2003 Uploaded Build 295
-Build 287: Renamed g_spawnInvisible to g_spawnProtection to give the variable a little more flexibility.  This renamed variable will now let people spawn in invisible (set it to 1) or with the battle suit powerup (set it to 2).  Made the change in g_main, g_local, g_lastmanstanding, g_freeze, and g_client.
-Build 288: In g_freeze, added g_freezetag_worldAutoMeltTime and g_freezetag_friendlyAutoMeltTime, which control when you auto melt when your body falls into the void, slime, or lava, and when your body (or the victim's body) auto melts when shot by a teammate and friendlyfire is set to 2 or 3.
-Build 289-291: Made a small change in g_freeze concerning the g_friendlyFire code.  Optimized it slightly and added more granularity.
	Fixed a major bug in g_freeze that would cause frozen teammates in g_friendlyfire == 3 to not auto melt.
-Build 292-295: Addendum to Build 287...added in g_spawnProtection_time to let a server operator decide how long a protected player should be protected for.

June 17, 2003
-Build 286: Per request, added in g_speed_grapple_pull to adjust the pulling speed of the grappling hook.  Changed g_local, g_main, bg_public, and bg_pmove.

June 16, 2003
-Build 284: Added another conditional statement to fix a damage bug in g_combat with g_railgunSplash_*.
-Build 285: Added in spectator cameras, although this is still under testing.  Made the change in g_active, g_cmds, and g_combat.  When enabled, type in \cam follow or \cam normal in the console.

June 12, 2003
-Build 282-283: Added two new variables to control railgun jumping: g_railgunSplash_noTargetDamage and g_railgunSplash_noTargetKnockback.  These turn off damage and knockback on opponents when you have g_railgunSplash on. These do not affect the damage and knockback you suffer as a result of the railgun jump though. To adjust these, see g_knockback_self and g_selfdamage.  Made the change in g_local, g_main, and g_combat.
-Made a small change to g_combat to make sure you have g_railgunSPlash on before g_railgunSplash_* can take effect.

June 11, 2003
-Build 270-281: Upped the number of people shown in the \stats command from 8 to 32 per request.  Updated bg_public.
	Added in new variable: g_knockback_self.  This variable controls how much knockback you get if you damage yourself, like with a rocket jump or a railgun jump.  Made the chage in g_combat, g_main, and g_local.
	Removed a freezetag and LMS conditional statement affecting g_startArmor in g_client.
	Added a new variable: g_startHealthMultiplier.  This variable controls how much your spawning health (100) is multiplied by.  Changed g_client, g_local, and g_main.
	Added another option to dmflags to elimintate worldeffects damage, like stepping in slime or lava or drowning.  Made the change in g_active and bg_public.  Add 2048 to the current setting of dmflags to turn this on.  Note: if you turn this on and are playing in freezetag, a body shot into the lava will no longer automelt.
	Small change in g_cmds to change what the server says when a player enters the game (player joined the *** team).  This change will mirror what the server says when a point is scored (*** team scores!).
June 10, 2003 Uploaded Build 269
-Build 269: Implemented the following:
	Added two new variables, g_teamName_red and g_teamName_blue, to let admins change the name of the teams in freezetag and lastmanstanding.  Made the change in g_local, g_freeze, and g_main.
	Corrected the way g_selfdamage works when set to 0 in g_combat.
	Changed a few g_* variables in g_main to turn a few options off by default to reduce the overall footprint.

June 7, 2003 Uploaded Build 263
-Added in a few more options to the \help command in g_cmds.
-Build 259: Added in a few more options for the g_startbanner in g_client.
-Build 260-261: Per request, added more granularity to the g_chatLimiter function in g_cmds.  I made the time limit a variable, rather than a hardcoded number.
-Build 262: Made the turret projectile selection a little more fool-proof
	Also reset the values of g_weaponLimit and g_ammoLimit since they have been set incorrectly for a long time in g_main.
-Build 263: Made g_weaponLimit and g_ammoLimit CVAR_LATCH variables in g_main.
	Cleaned up the bg_pmove weaponSwitchTime codes.
-Build 264: Added in more commands in g_svcmds for use in LMS.
-Build 265: When I added in more options for the \help command in g_cmds, I forgot to enable one of them for g_offhandGrapple.  Oops.
-Build 266: As per request, made a variable to make turrets invulnerable to damage coming from teammates (g_turret_teamProtected).  However, the owner can stil kill the turret.  Made the change in g_active, g_local, and g_main.
-Build 267: Also per request, I added more granularity into the g_friendlyfire section in g_freeze.  Also changed g_main and g_local.
-Build 268: Forgot to set the default value on g_chatLimiter to 2000 in g_main.  Another oops.

June 6, 2003 Uploaded Build 257
-Build 249: Fixed a small bug in g_combat that cause knockback to not be calculated properly when g_spawninvulnerable was on.
-Build 250-255: Moved the mass suiciding anti-lamer code around to not interfere with other codes, like friendlyfire==2 and team changing.  Moved it around in g_combat and into g_cmds.
-Build 256: Small change in g_active for anticamping to make the g_antiCamper command a little more admin-friendly.
	Small change in g_lastmanstanding to make the g_timeout variable a little more fool-proof.
	Small change in g_client, g_main, g_lastmanstanding, and g_freeze to make the g_spawnInvisible variable a little more fool-proof.
	Small change in g_freeze, g_active, g_client to make the g_spectatorInactivity variable a little more fool-proof.
-Build 257: Fixed a small bug I created in g_combat that cause melting bodies to not melt but still give the melter a point.
-Buidl 258: Made the g_warnings functions in g_cmds and g_combat not work during timeouts or warmups, since these times are not part of the real game.

June 5, 2003 Uploaded Build 248
-Fixed a long standing bug in the way warnings were stored by the system for anti-lamer kicking and banning in g_local.  Also changed g_combat and g_cmds to apply the fix.
-Fixed another long standing bug that would cause a newly connected LMS player to inherit the total kills of the person who just disconnected from the same client slot.  Fixed it in g_main, g_local, and g_combat.
-Fixed a bug where quad in LMS wasn't being dropped (as well as other powerups).  Fix was in g_combat.
-Build 241-248: Implemented the above.  Also added in anti-suicide measures in g_combat to kick lamers who fall into the void too often or hit the \kill bind too often.

June 4, 2003 Uploaded Build 240
-Build 224-225: Changed g_svcmds to add in a kickban command.
-Build 226-240: Fixed a bug in the game source that would cause the Quake engine to not enforce banning rules properly because the IP address of the player could not be found.  This could let banned players connect and play, as well as causing autobanning to fail (in most cases).  Fixed it in g_client, and changed the autobanning codes in g_combat and g_cmds.

May 27, 2003
-Build 212: Added in a few more commands in g_svcmds.
-Build 213-214: More granularity to the new commands in the g_svcmds file.
-Build 215-216: Made autobanning store the player's IP address, rather than running a query during the banning process (this should stabilize things).  Changed g_cmds, g_local, g_client, and g_combat.
-Build 217-223: Started work on the muckleball mod.
	Changed g_combat to adjust scoring for muckleball.
	Changed g_cmds to adjust the \help output for muckleball.
	Changed g_main to add in muckleball into the \stats.
	Changed g_cmds to adjust the return value on the SwitchTeamCheck function.
	Changed g_combat for better chatfrag and teamkill functionality.	

May 26, 2003 Uploaded Build 211
-Small change in g_combat and g_cmds for better exception handling with autobanning.
-Another change in g_combat and g_cmds to exception handling in autobanning.
-Changed the way team switching abuse is checked in g_cmds.
-Tenacious D Time crashed today with an SV_GetUserinfo error.  I think I have fixed this error, but unfortunately I can't be sure.
-Build 206-211: Implemented the above fixes and another small efficiency change in g_main.

May 25, 2003 Uploaded Build 205
-Build 191-198: Complete implementation of g_autoBan into g_svcmds, g_combat, g_main, g_client, and g_cmd.  People auto-kicked for being lame (chat fragging, team killing, changing team too often) can now be auto-banned in the same manner.
-Build 199-205: Fixed a small problem with infinite banning in g_svcmds.  Forgot to keep track of the sign, oops.

May 24, 2003
-Small change in g_client in the way spawn spots telefrag.  Also small change in g_team for better spawning.
-Build 187-191: Total overhaul of the banning system.  Finished the addon to the banning system to allow IP banned based on a number of games.  The overhaul was done in g_svcmds.

May 22, 2003 Uploaded Build 186
-Working on trying to fix the bug that affects players not finished connecting at the end of warmup appearing in the game when they aren't ready...changed g_main
-Build 184-186: Small bugfix in g_active to change the way spectators think in ClientThink_Real.

May 21, 2003
-Build 172-183: Finished adding in console commands in g_svcmds, g_cmds, and g_local.

May 20, 2003
-Build 166-171: Added in new server console commands in g_svcmds and bg_public.

May 11, 2003
-Build 162: Fixed a bug where a connected user would 'inherit' the in-game stats of a previously disconnected player of the same client slot.  Fixed in bg_public, g_main, and g_freeze.
-Build 163-165: Fixed a long standing bug where a chatter could reset the anticamper timer.  Made the fix in g_local ad g_active.

May 10, 2003
-Fixed a bug in the model creation algorithm for turrets.  Fixed it in g_active.
-Build 161: Fixed a bug in the chat frag and team killing function in g_combat.

May 8, 2003 - Uploaded Build 160
-Build 156-157: Made different turret weapons in teams.  The red team gets machineguns and the blue team gets railguns.
-Build 158-160: Added g_turret_deployLimit, which can limit the number of turrets you have deployed at one time.

May 7, 2003
-Changed g_client slightly to optimize code for the model bug fix

May 6, 2003 - Uploaded Build 155
-Build 152-154: Brief experimentations with making turrets appear as team items...no luck
-Build 155: Fixed a bug in g_active where the turrets weren't targeting properly.  They shoot about 25% better now.

May 5, 2003:
-Build 139: Made the g_turret activity in g_main a CVAR_LATCH to force turrets to be preloaded before using them.  I think I'll make a g_turret CVAR_LATCH variable to turn the turrets on, and then use a g_turret_count (non latched) to remember how mant turrets people have.
-Build 140-147: Not much success with giving the turrets a blue or red skin...maybe I need to sit on this a while...could I add a blue/red ring around it or the team triangle?
-Build 148-151: Tested the team triangles...and these aren't going to work.  I might be able to spawn them, but it is up to the client to decide who gets to see it, and I can't change that.

May 4, 2003 - Uploaded Build 138
-Build 122: Added in better stats printing for decoys, timeouts, and turrets in the \stats printout in g_main.
-Build 122-124: Made the accuracy calculations for the turrets work correctly in g_active.
-Build 125-131: Made the turrets shoot other projectiles than just plasma in g_active.  It can now shoot any projectile, which could be a (homing)rocket, plasma, bfg, or grenade.
-Build 132: Fixed a small bug with turret splash damage in g_active.
-Build 133-136: Fixed a bug where two decoys had trouble existing at the same time.  The same goes with decoys.  Changed g_active.
-Build 137-138: Fixed the bug where the rocket explosion wasn't being preloaded in g_items.  Also fixed a \stats bug where it would say you had turrets and decoys and timeouts, even though you were a spectator.

May 3, 2003
-Build 111: Made the friendlyFire behavior of turrets a variable for tweaking in g_active.
-Build 112-121: Finally finished the turret code in g_active.
	The turrets score points for their owners, but will also damage people if you stand too close to them when they explode.
	Also optimized the decoy code in g_active and g_items and removed deprecated code.

May 2, 2003
-Build 86: Optimized the homing rocket code slightly in g_missile to use less declared variables.
-Build 87-89: Renamed g_timeouts to g_timeout.  Added more granularity to the \help file for the turrets, decoys, and timeouts.  Worked with g_cmds.
-Build 90-110 : More turret work.  Fixed a bug where you could deploy a turret onto yourself and when the turret became solid, you'd become stuck.

May 1, 2003
-Build 81-85: Made the turrets explode after a certain amount of time.
	Should the explosion affect everyone near or only non-teammates (at this point, it affects the other team, and your team if g_friendlyfire != 0)?
	If someone dies due to the splash of the turret dying, who gets credit for the kill (at this point, the owner of the turret)?
	Who gets credit for a turret kill (at this point, no one does)?
	Need to make the turrets not a <world> kills.
	Use ent->r.currentOrigin for collision detection between the deployed turret and the owner

April 29, 2003
-Build 66-80: Finalizing the super decoy code...renamed it to turrets for the release which will be very soon.

April 28, 2003
-Build 62-65: More experimenting

April 23, 2003
-Build 56: Added some more checking to the blank name checking in g_client.  Seems to catch a few more now...will there be more?
-Build 57: Modified the homing rocket code in g_missile to improve server efficiency.
-Build 57-61: More experimenting with the super decoy codes

April 22, 2003
-Build 51-55: More experimenting

April 21, 2003
-Build 46-50: More experimenting
-Build 51: Identified and fixed a bug in the g_friendlyfire code (in g_freeze) where the automelting time wasn't being set correctly.

April 20, 2003
-Build 33-37: Experimenting with super-decoys...
-Build 38: Made decoys disappear when the owner disconnects or switches teams
-Build 39-45: More experimenting...

April 19, 2003 - Uploaded Build 31
-Build 30-31: Saw a funny bug last night where a body wasn't dying completely.  It would go through the death sequence, but wouldn't fall into the ground.
	-This build may fix that, as well as an automelting bug reported on the forums.  Worked with g_freeze, although fixed small inconsistencies in other files as well.
-Build 32: Testing new code for the super-decoys.  This is gonna be good.  Worked mainly with g_cmds and g_active.

April 18, 2003
-Build 27: Decided to make the rocket life time a variable, rather than hardcoding the value.  By default, this will be 5000ms, and the change occurred in g_missile.
-Build 28: Made privateClients spawn in as spectators in all types of games, except tourney, where it happens automatically
-Build 29: Went through all LMS and FreezeTag code searching for the bug that causes a spectator to get a connection interrupted when the person they are following is frozen...eventually fixed it in g_active.
	-Optimized all FreezeTag/LMS statements to improve code efficiency.

April 17, 2003
-Build 26: Completed the deprecation of player->freezeState and replaced it with player->playerState.  Affected all files that contained a reference to ent->freezeState.

April 16, 2003
-Build 20-23: finished coding the new homing rockets that will keep their targets...they are much deadlier now, almost to an excess(!).  Also made homing rockets and guided rockets explode after 5 and 7 seconds, respectively.
-Build 24-25: trying to fix a bug where if you are following a player who is frozen, you aren't dropped back to being a free-moving spectator.  On that note, I fixed a coding bug in g_freeze, but it, alas, didn't solve the problem.

April 15, 2003
-Build 18: the stats showed players having double the number of kills; it looks like the counter was incremented twice in g_combat, oops.
-Build 19-20: made rockets vulnerable to being shot down by an opponent (you can't shoot your own); changed g_missile and g_weapon to implement this.
-Tested the vulnerable missiles, but they may be too small.  Will have to test their size to see what are the best dimensions.
-Going to try to make homing rockets that can't lose their target.
	-Right now, if you go out of range of the missile's targeting cone, it gives up...it would be nice if it turned around after you.
	-If the rocket is homing in on you, and you duck behind a wall, should the rocket go into the wall since it is trying to get to you in the shortest path possible?
		Or should it continue on its way in the same direction, until it can 'see' you again?

April 14, 2003
-Build 9-10 : possibly fixed a reward bug in g_freezetag (this may fix people being kicked at random).  fixed some buggy conditional statements in g_Weapon.
-Build 11: fixed sounds not being played when you hit someone in g_combat.  Added in updated code to g_main.
-Build 12: another model fix in g_client.
-Build 13: fixed a bug in g_client that would cause the CopyToBodyQue to be called twice on a lastmanstanding body
-Build 14: removed the chat bubble on decoys if you spawned them while chatting.  made spawning invulnerable people not deliver or take knockback.
-Build 15: accessory fixes to g_client and g_cmds.  made timeouts work with TeamLMS (that's a new feature!).
-Build 16: went through the entire source working with freezetag trying to track the kicking bug.  Fixed or edited just about every file.
-Build 17: accidentally deleted the DamageBody function in g_combat, which made frozen bodies vulnerable to getting shot.  You could then melt people by shooting them...hmm, this might be a neat mod idea.

April 13, 2003:	Build 1 (the first complete build of the mod as it was a few months ago)
-LMS integration.  Finished g_freeze, g_items, g_mover,  and g_spawn.  Might finish later today.
-LMS...g_target, g_team, g_trigger, g_utils, and g_weapon.  All done.
-Working on offhandGrapple...adjusted g_freeze (for deprecation), g_weapon, g_missile, g_cmds, and g_active.
-Finished starting weapon determination and ammo determination.  Worked with g_freeze, g_active, g_lastmanstanding, g_items, and g_combat.
-Build 1-2: various fixes for LMS, starting weapons, and freezetag
-Build 3: added private client conditional handling in g_session.
-Build 4: fixed a bug with the weapon resetting
-Build 5: changed a spelling error in the dropped inactive client message.
-Build 6: made the black name fix a variable, which is turned off by default for backward compatibility (and to piss off fewer people).
-Build 7: changed the freezetag scoring to be based on frags, not captures (Which is the freezetag default but makes no sense).
-Build 8: fixed a printing bug with timeouts.  fixed a bug where the timelimit wasn't calculated properly following a game where timeouts were used.  fixed a bug where when a person signals ready at the intermission, it sticks and can't be reversed.

April 11, 2003
-LMS integration.  Finished ai_dmq3, bg_misc, g_active, g_client, and g_combat.  Will continue again in next session.
-Looks like the sarge skin (not blue or red) appearing the team games is becoming more popular.  It appears that some people are telling other people how to do this....  I guess I'll have to step up the coding to finish this mod before things get out of hand.

April 10, 2003
-Working on LastManStanding integration.  Recreated g_lastmanstanding and added LMS changes to g_main, g_misc, g_cmds, and g_local.  Will continue with more LMS changes in next coding session.
-Fixed the long standing bug where teleporters would melt people.  The fix was in g_freeze.
-Fixed a bug where a chatter falling of a map would could them to respawn instantly.  Fixed it in g_freeze.

April 9, 2003
-Finished working on guided missiles with g_missile.  I'd like to revisit this one day.  I bet I could make this into something really special.  G_homingRockets was renamed to g_rocketEffects to standardize the code a little bit more.

April 6-8, 2003
-Working with q_shared and g_client.  Fixed black letters in names and incorrect models using the ^ buffer overflow technique.
-Still working on removing blank names...although I've eliminated roughly 90% of them with the improved code.

April 5, 2003
-More work with homing rockets.  Added homing rockets and guided rockets.

April 4, 2003
-Working on homing rockets.  Tweaking g_missile.

April 3, 2003
-Tweaked with ai_main and g_items to enable the removal of all map items (health, weapons, powerups, etc)

April 2, 2003
-Added in g_smoothclients in bg_public, bg_misc, and g_active.  while g_smoothClients isn't very useful, it has its place.
-Made the weapon switching time a variable in bg_pmove.  This was requested after recent mod changes.

April 1, 2003
-Verified all features are working as coded so far, this is very good.
-Changed a few g_railgunffects things in g_weapon to fix a bug.  Both DeepRailing (g_railguneffects==1) and BouncingRails (g_railguneffects==2) now work.
-Added VectorReflect into q_math
-in g_missile, added in damage, splashdamage, and splashradius variables for the following weapons:
-Added in g_reload_* variables to bg_pmove and bg_local.
-Finished damage variable integration into g_weapon

March 31, 2003
-Timeouts are now working.  Also fixed a long standing bug where world_effects damage, like lava, couldn't hurt you during a timeout.  g_combat was adjusted
-Fixed a bug with timeouts where your hit standings could be increased, even though your hits didn't affect anyone.  g_combat was adjusted
-Added in g_weaponTeamRespawn to change weapon respawn rates in team games.  g_items was adjusted for this.
-Weapon dropping and powerup dropping are now boolean variables
-Implemented anticamping and spectator inactivity in g_active
-spawninvisible isn't working right....fixed in g_freeze and g_spawn and g_client
-railguneffects doesn't work...fixed in g_weapon.c
-reload variables aren't implemented yet...need to edit bg_public
-damage variables aren't implemented yet in g_Weapon
-combined g_lastmanstanding and g_freeze into g_gamemod, which will make addons easier to implement
-added in g_startbanner and g_bannedmessage in g_client

March 17, 2003
-Stats should now be working...
-Added variables to g_combat to addin g_selfdamage
-Added variables to g_cmds to control chatting during tourney (GT_TOURNEY)
-didn't get too far with timeouts...didn't have time

March 16, 2003
-Finished the "Melted by *" comments
-g_items, g_active, g_cmds, bg_public, and bg_misc all updated to add the decoys in.
-worked with g_main to get the stats working.  will work on the implementation through freezetag next, although that shouldn't be too difficult
-Will start to work on timeouts now...

March 15, 2003
-Got everything to link up...added in g_freezetag_* to control automelt times, melt times, and colors of frozen players.
-Still working on the "Melted by *" message to appear when you get melted

March 14, 2003
-Has the mod compile but not link properly...am working with all previous files edited to resolve problems.

March 13, 2003
-g_trigger, g_utils, and g_weapon were updated with freezetag addons.  This completes the freezetag mod addon.

March 11, 2003
-g_items, g_local, g_main, g_misc, g_mover, g_target, g_team were updated with freezetag addons.
-g_missle was skipped, since all freezetag addons there were compatible.

March 10, 2003
-g_client, g_cmds, and g_combat were updated with freezetag addons.

March 9, 2003
-Changed ai_dmnet and ai_q3dm to add bot support in for freezetag.  Compiles without errors.  This bot support is quite limited, so I kinda doubt it'll really make the bots melt.
-g_local and g_main were updated with g_gamemod.
-g_active was updated with freezetag addons.  Will continue to integrate with rest of files.

March 8, 2003
-finished integration of the delagged/unlagged code.  I'll work on version 2.01 later, since it never worked quite right

March 5, 2003
-Unsuccessful recovery of old mod source after partial C: drive corruption.  Oh well.
-Downloaded the old 1.17 source code from idsoftware and will try and start over from old notes.
-Going to try and document all builds, additions, and changes