quake version
  AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual, Core Precessor 6000+
  3.01 GHz, 3,25 GB RAM, Radeon X1950 Pro
  Medusa 5.1 Pro Headset
  Razer Copperhead with eXat Speed Pad
  Average Fps: 125
  Average Ping: 48-60
   Here is something about me and a Picture of me.

   My real name is Julian, im 25 years old, married and from Germany / Berlin. To the name "Wh1t3Shark" i was inspired by the real white shark which is my favourite animal and - as i find - a really fascinating creature. I've been playing Quake 3 for about 8 to 9 years and started it with all weapons like most players. I found out about Quake after a mate told me about it. From the first moment on i was impressed by the gameplay and the characters / models. I founded my first clan, [HoD] - Hunters of Darkness. From that moment on we only played instagib.

   After the clan sadly fell apart i joined my first real clan. It was called TsW (The Shadow Warriors) and we mostly played TDM. We counted as one of the best v1.11 clans and even took the first place on clanbase's 2on2 - insta. One of my biggest achievements was yet to come.

   We moved on to 1.32 and learned how to play All Weapons seriously. We were very active on and went from the 3rd division to the 2nd. We even met on Lan Parties and secured the first place in a little 4on4 tournament. We had 3 Quake 3 squads, sadly the clan also fell apart due to some players' private reasons.

   After i took a break i came back to 1.16 and joined the clan dp - deep-pain and found out about Slowrail Freeze. Ive been playing for this clan for more than 2 years now and our biggest victory was winning the Clanbase 3on3 Open Cup. Noone in the community really believed we could do it but we proved them wrong :).

   Now I was elected Team Captain for the German national team which is a real honor for me. I hope we will all stick to Quake 3 for a very long time as no top-game in the world can beat it.

   Last but not least i wanted to thank Tozzi who made all of this possible, the whole dp-clan and my swedish mates Nemi, Bonje, Ani and Persson!

   Quake 3 forever!

   Visiti us: :)

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