About the NoGhost Mod

This mod will allow you to modify just about every variable within your quake game, all controlled from the server and requiring no client side download or mod. The NoGhost mod allows a server administrator to control all the fine details of the quake server, everything from the amount of armor each person spawns with to how fast people can change weapons.

The NoGhost mod also allows a server administrator to choose different gameplay modes, which further modify the free for all and teamplay modes already present in the stock version of Quake. Currently (as of this writing), NoGhost comes with freezetag, lastmanstanding, and muckleball:

-Freezetag is similar to the game you played in elementary school. When a person gets killed, they become frozen, and they will melt when a teammate stands next to them. While frozen, a player can only spectate the game, but once they are melted, the player will then respawn and return to help their team out. When a whole team is frozen, the other team receives a point.

-LastManStanding is a free for all or teamplay game style where once you get killed, you spectate the rest of the round. The last person who is alive receives a point and the round is over. Everybody will then respawn in and the next round starts. The object of the game is to be the last person alive, and thus, that player is the most deadliest or the most cunning at avoiding enemies.

-MuckleBall is the newest of the game styles. The MuckleBall is symbolized by a powerup, usually regeneration (but it can be anything). MuckleBall is played in free for all, and it is everyone's job to kill the person with the powerup/MuckleBall. Killing the person with the ball will give you points equal to the number of people in the arena. Killing a person without the ball is counted as a normal score, and will give you one point. Many people use strategy by letting their opponents weaken the person with the ball, then swooping in and quickly killing the opponents and the person with the ball in one fell swoop. This will both maximize points and will give you the ball. Once the person with the ball is dead, the round will stop, there will be a brief intermission, and then the next round will start.

The NoGhost mod also allows players to use items in the arena that were never originally there. Currently (as of this writing) NoGhost comes with decoys and turrets:

-Decoys can be spawned by any player by typing \decoy in the console (this can be bound to a key). This will spawn a decoy in front of the current player. The decoy will look and act like a normal player, and thus will turn often and look around, however it cannot be destroyed. It is a hologram, so people can walk through it. Decoys are useful in confusing an enemy to shoot and waste valuable ammo, or in bringing them out of hiding where you can kill them easier.

-Turrets can be spawned by any player by typing \turret in the console (this can be bound to a key). This will spawn a self-targeting turret in front of the current player. A turret looks like a gun, and it will actively target any opponent who comes near it. Since turrets cannot move around the map, they are useful in defending certain areas of the map or in defending frozen bodies in freezetag. Since turrets inflict damage, they in turn can receive damage and can be destroyed. When a turret explodes it will cause splash damage to nearby players, so blowing up a turret near a person can also prove to be an effective killer. Turrets has unlimited ammo, and all aspects of them can be controlled through the mod.

Lastly, since this is a server-sided mod, there are also several anti-lamer commands and server features that can help in reducing the number of lamers plaguing your server:

-Auto-banning works by giving warnings to players who commit suicide too much, chat frag too much, change teams too much, or team kill to much. If a person earns enough of these warnings, then they can be automatically kicked by the server and banned by the server for a certain number of games.

Hopefully by now you are quite interested in running this mod. If you are, then I would encourage you to check out the variables and commands list to see more of the options and changes that were added to this mod.