Mod Information and Download

First off, I have finally decided to release this mod to the public. I've received many requests for this mod from players and server operators; keeping this mod to myself any longer would be purely selfish. I feel this mod has matured (especially in the last month or so) enough that I should no longer run it solely on my server.

The link below will download a zip file that contains the NoGhost mod as well as a bunch of other readme files and related documentation about how to get started with the mod. Just unzip the file and you should be just fine. I've found that many server operators are overwhelmed by the amount of granularity the NoGhost mod provides them with, so I've included server cfg files to help people create vanilla flavored servers (freezetag, for instance) just to get them going.

Lastly, before you go rushing off to download this mod, I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who has ever commented on how to make this mod better. All the veterans of the Quake world who have played on my server have made invaluable contributions to this mod. I won't name them here, but they know who they are. The moral of the story is that the players are the ones who truly created this server mod; I just acted as the catalyst to code up those ideas. If players and server operators had not provided feedback, the mod would not have come this far. By providing feedback about this mod, you, the mod user, are completing the loop and are helping to improve this mod little by little. Just remember, the more feedback you give me, the better the mod will be in the end...

Download latest production build (build 894) here: NoGhost
If you have a previous version of the NoGhost mod, it is highly recommended that you update your server to the current build. Bugs are brought to my attention all the time and they are fixed in later builds.

If you aren't running the NoGhost mod yet, but are interested, then read more and be sure to check out the variables and commands that were added in to this mod.

If you are already running a copy of the NoGhost mod, and are interested in finding out what has changed between builds, then check out the mod log.

Since this mod is an ongoing project, I've made beta builds available here to let server operators test out new features of the mod. However, some of these features may have bugs in them or may cause your quake server to crash. Needless to say, this build is a beta version for a good reason. If you are looking to run the mod and don't feel like testing new features or dealing with bugs or crashes, then download the production build above instead of the beta version. On the other side of the coin, new features are first released in the beta form for people to test out. If you want to take advantage of these new features, then the beta mod is for you.

If you are interested in the latest beta build (build 911), you can download it here: NoGhost_beta.

See the mod log for details about what has changed or been added into this beta build.